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Ed Marsh

Ed is the CRO of IntentData.io, Inc.
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Recent Posts

Jul 16, 2019

Behind Third-Party Intent Data - Understand the Source

If you’re using or considering intent data for demand generation or any of the various use cases across the buyer journey, you need to evaluate it...
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Jul 11, 2019

Intent Data Insights from the 2019 B2B Buyers Survey Report

NOTE: This post originally appeared on the Intent Data publication on Medium. Have you downloaded and read DemandGen Report’s 2019 B2B Buyers...
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Jul 11, 2019

Comparing Stand-Alone and Embedded Intent Data

ABM Software's Intent Data Infatuation Like high schoolers pairing up for the prom, account-based marketing (ABM) software vendors have been glomming...
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Jul 09, 2019

Improve Event Marketing ROI with Intent Data

87% of C-Suite Executives Plan on Investing More in Live Events It's easy to understand why. They provide amazing experiences for attendees, with...
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Jul 02, 2019

Intent Data is the Answer, Not More Cowbell

Buyer Intent Data Helps Answer Who, What, When, Where and Why Intent data helps companies predict the purchase intent of potential customers by...
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Jun 27, 2019

Powering Competitive Marketing with Intent Data

From Competitor Product to Competitive Environment The 2nd Annual Competitive Marketing Summit will be held in Denver, CO on October 7-9....
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Jun 17, 2019

Retargeting with Intent Data

The Demand Gen Tactic We Love to Hate Even folks who know nothing about cookies and digital marketing know about retargeting and "remarketing." It's...
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Jun 07, 2019

Using 3rd Party Intent Data to Supplement SEO

5.6 Billion Searches per Day That's SEO Tribunal's estimate of 2019 activity on Google. How many additional are on Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc.? So of...
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May 23, 2019

What's Better: Intent Data Topics or Key terms?

What's better - Wild Turkey or a milkshake? They're completely different. Why Intent Data Topics are Better Intent data topics have two advantages:
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May 13, 2019

The Meaning of Intent Data?

A Simple Definition of Intent Data Intent Data is the collection of behavioral signals that help interpret B2B purchase intent. The term is commonly...
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