why intent data

identify and focus on contacts ready to buy

Though it may seem complex, purchase intent data has been in use for some time. Intent data is a collection of an individual’s behavior that gives you the ability to anticipate and interpret customer intent. Today that's hard because most behavior is online and anonymous. Purchase intent data helps you identify active buyers and reach the right prospect at the right time with the right message.

Intent data can be used by marketing and sales departments to boost lead generation, segment communications, score leads, create effective workflows, trigger timely alerts and understand what’s happening in the deal and sales process.



intent Data primes your sales funnel & Gets you get a seat at the table

How many deals in your pipeline are stagnant? How many of your deals end in no decision? How often does a different player emerge at the last minute to disrupt a “done deal”?

Intent data helps you build better relationships and understand what's happening within your prospects' buying teams. Detailed, contact-levelTM intent data lets you close more deals.

lead to customer conversion
reduction in sell cycle

gain ground on THE COMPETITION

Get a clearer picture of competitive activity at a high level and in specific deal with content-level intent data. Google News and press releases are helpful when monitoring the competition but barely begin to capture the texture of complex business environments.

Detailed intent data provides a rich source of aggregate information and opportunities for deep-dive analysis. This critical insight can enrich the competitive marketing capability for companies in industries where multiple vendors and good products create a sense of parity for many buyers.

actionable data - Real time - integrated with your CRM and marketing automation

First & last name
Work Email & phone
company name
company website
company size
Social follows
company size
twitter handle & LinkedIn profile
Competitor engagement
Key term engagement
Company recently funded
Industry Conference
Influencer engagement
New office
New products

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