What is Buyers Journey™ Intent Data?

You probably know intent data as a tool to best guess which accounts might be in market.

You hand that data off to your BDRs to source and pursue the likely contacts. Maybe your demand gen team runs some social ads in the background.

Sales always said "Just put us at the table, and we can win." So it helped them get to the table.

But today that's not enough. Challenger, Inc. says most complex buying teams have 10.2 buyers. Each can say no. They all must say yes. Each has preferences and biases. Is it any wonder the status quo is winning more and more deals? Not to mention the brutal competition in every market.

Every company with an ABM program has acknowledged this reality.

Simply put, account level buyer intent data is no longer enough!

Know Who, When, Where....and Understand Why

Buyers Journey intent data takes the whole concept to another level as a power use case of intent data for sales. The marketing insights and sales intelligence empower your team to understand BOTH the individuals on the buying team and the team in aggregate. That enables marketing and sales collaboration to anticipate journey activities and orchestrate successful journey engagement.

How does it work? The answer is in the granularity of contact level data. Because it includes details on the person, you can understand seniority, function, and location. And details for multiple contacts from the same account will illustrate velocity and breadth of activity.

That's not all. You also get detailed information on the key term around which they've taken action; the competitor with whom they've engaged; the event which they're possibly attending; even the job role for which they're hiring.

Sure, it was a breakthrough in 2018 to know which accounts were surging - kind of like adding email to a mobile phone. Now you route chats directly to the right rep on their hand held computer - it's time for your intent data to do more too.

Intent Data Qualified Opportunities: How often do you wonder who's involved, what's happening behind the scenes, why the decision maker won't engage, and even who might tank the deal? Every single day. That's the nature of complex sales. Buyers journey intent data can help to fill in those blanks so that you can more fully qualify open opportunities with the granular insights you need. It's like x-ray vision into the buying team's process.

Full Data Stack: Third-party data alone won't deliver what you need. It takes a data stack.

Successful companies unify a wide variety of data. Known and anonymous first-party actions, multiple third-party sets, transactional data, in app usage info, social media engagements, CRM details and more. You'll likely want to add technographic and other enrichment details as well.

Then they crunch the data at scale - sending customer, target account and open opportunity insights immediately and directly to the right teams, while watching for material coincidences of action across data sources and segmenting automatically at scale.

That's a technology challenge for many MarTech stacks, but it's also a core capability needed to unlock the full power of orchestrated account level buying journeys...at scale.

Empower Your Team to Succeed

Multiple data subscriptions, or even an alert sales operations team won't create the value alone. You'll need some key components.

Contact level data

Account level third-party data is no longer enough. Key buying journey insights come from details of job function and seniority, stage in buying journey, buyers involved, competitor engagements, problem to solve and outcome sought. That's what contact level intent data delivers - and account level data simply can't.


Marketing automation and CRM systems typically can't keep up with the real-time analysis required. Beyond contact lead-scoring, buying journey intent data, combined with your first party, will create constantly evolving, dynamic profiles of the team and individual buying journeys. Combined with the power of a CDP, buyers journey intent data enables personalization at scale.


The right message, at the right time, delivered through the right channel with the right context. Train your team and equip them with the right content for each role in the buying team at each stage in the journey. Help them understand how to interpret data - even automate and suggest to make it simple for them. Create the experience individuals want, and teams need to keep them moving toward the best decision for their company.


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