To pick the right intent data to meet your goals, you have to navigate a confused landscape of data models and methods. First, what type of intent data do you need?

understanding different types of intent data

Intent data is categorized into first-, second- and third-party data. The differences between each categorization have to do with the sources for each, as well as what you are able to do with the buyer intent data.

First-party intent data: The information you directly observe and collect in interactions with customers, prospects, and visitors across your digital properties including your website, email and social. If you have an email program, email tracking, website cookies, marketing automation, or social listening tools, you're already collecting first-party intent data.

Second-party intent data: Information collected by another company. Common examples of second-party intent data include review sites and publishing networks. Users of these platforms register for access to information and grant the right for the owner to share/sell their contact details and information on their behavior.

Third-party intent data: It's a big internet and you want to know what's happening beyond your own site, or a network of a few publishing sites. That's what third-party data tries to do - but collection methods like review IP lookup, media exchange/publishing members, or data from ad networks and widgets often limit results.



crack the black box

Real, Active Contacts...Not Accounts

Other 3rd party data observes activity by anonymous users. Accounts don't buy. People do. Put your team in touch with the real, active contacts, not just AI's best guess.

Detailed, Contextual Insight

Tired of "topics" built on opaque taxonomy? Need clear insight into the priorities of leads, their problems, and their stage in the buying journey? Our algorithm delivers rich, contextual detail for personalization at scale.

Publically Available & GDPR compliant

Make sure your data is responsibly sourced from publically available information. Carefully consider the suitability of data obtained through programmatic ad platforms or website plugins. Don't inadvertently violate Terms of Service or contract for data you'll be hesitant to use.

The entire "world wide web"

If you only wanted leads from a specific group of content sites, you'd source your data there. What about the rest of the 1.8 billion websites? You deserve 3rd party data with the reach of your entire TAM.

Business term subscriptions

Lots of data providers require one-year contracts. We've even heard painful stories of two and three-year obligations. We know how quickly your market changes. So not only do we change with you, but our agreements are built in easy to manage 3-month increments.

Plan it, build it, activate it

Intent Data Funnel

Match the data to your goals & expectations

There are lots of data providers. The best one for you depends on your privacy philosophy, goals, and resources. Don't just jump on the bandwagon or opt for the simple solution that's packaged with another platform. Understand the range of use cases and what that means to the data detail you'll need.
Data Target

custom build your perfect algorithm

It's fast and convenient to just pick a few topics. But each of your prospects and customers is a unique individual with specific concerns and aspirations. A custom-built algorithm will deliver the right volume of leads, with the detail and insights you need to market at scale and sell expertly.


Activate & orchestrate

Intent data doesn't work itself. You'll receive many leads, each with context and insights. But they have to be nurtured and sold. Most data providers just throw data over a wall. We work with you to make your data program successful - with coaching and even additional resources to support your team.

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