Data Activation Strategies

contact-Level Buyer Intent data Strategies work across your customer lifecycle

The detailed insights available through contact-level buyer intent data strategies can drive results in marketing, sales, and success. The result? More leads, increased sales, reduced churn and improved sales and marketing alignment. Hit your goals faster in every segment of your business. Wondering which use case(s) are most applicable to your business goals and challenges? We can help.


All Buyer Intent Use Cases


Demand Gen

You spend so much time, energy and money on demand gen. And it's getting harder. Identify active prospects. Reach the right contacts at the right time with the right message for their stage in the buying journey.


ABM is an elegant idea. But companies don't buy - actual people do. Behind great, scalable account-based marketing is the need to connect with the right people, not just attractive job titles.

Event Marketing

Everyone loves events - marketers, customers and the execs that fund marketing. Make yours payoff for everyone with strong event attendance from interested, engaged attendees (and monitor your competitors'!)


CEB's last update was 6.8 members of a buying team. Contact level intent data can help your B2B sales team understand who is on the buying team, what they're thinking and which competitors they're engaged with.

loyalty & churn

Ever been ambushed by a long-time customer that jumps to a competitor? Or learn too late that a loyal client just bought additional products/services elsewhere? Intent data can put your success team in the game to reduce churn and boost up/cross selling.

COMPETITive marketing

Move beyond social listening, website snooping, media scans and Google alerts. Intent data provides a clearer picture of your competitors' activities. More importantly, it helps you gauge and monitor market engagement - and let's you know if they're in the game.

Supercharge retargeting

Retargeting is popular because it works. It's limited because it only works for those who have visited your site. Intent data custom audiences can change that. Retarget with Facebook, LinkedIn and Google based on contact engagement across the entire web.


Tired of losing deals to competitors? Or to the status quo? Buying teams are making sales veterans look like rookies. Give your B2B sales team the tools and insights they need to interpret and react to the entire buying team's actions - not just the deal champion's reassuring words.


The key is to create conversations. That takes insights into what your visitor is thinking. Your 1st party intent data (their visits, page views, etc.) helps, but imagine if you knew what topics they were engaging with, where, and ran appropriate bot playbooks.

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