Predictive Technographics Built on Intent Data

Technographics are an important component of a complete marketing data stack. But they are traditionally static, retrospective, and limited in the following ways:

  • Based on website tags or canvassing by telemarketers - includes residual and irrelevant tags, and is dependent on (rare) open and accurate responses
  • A simple snapshot without context of vector and velocity
  • Misses software beyond Martech and Salestech
  • Assumes each observed software is a stable subscription

The real world is more complicated and messy - and demand generation, complex sales and market research need a better technographic solution.

A solution that solves for the two key limitations.

Broader reach (including backend software) and context.

Job Postings and Tags

Competitive intelligence and product marketers have long understood the value of job postings to intuit strategic initiatives within competitors. Job postings are often rich with detail on software skills being sought - and therefore indicate the programs and systems which are used and emphasized. uses a blended solution to harvest technographics - we use the common widespread tag tracking and combine that with sophisiticated parsing of structured and unstructured data including job postings. Between the two we have an extensive understanding of company initiatives, and various systems including backend sofware.

TechnoIntent That Tells a Story

Just because a company has cruft tags on their site doesn't mean they are/aren't a good prospect. The ICP is a helpful guideline, but dirty and ambiguous data are messy. Further, a company in the middle of a year long subscription with disatsifying software may nevertheless, despite the pain, not be ready to change for months.

That's where the context of technographics becomes so important, and it's a problem that we solve by combining granular, contact level™ intent data with technographics. The combination delivers Contextual™ Technographic Data that put marketing and sales teams in a much stronger position to understand opportunities.Contextual technographic data to know what companies use what software and might be ready to change

Common Contextual Technographics Use Cases

Renewal Disruption

A common technographic play is to flag accounts for attention 9-10 months after competitor's tags appear on their site. Contectual technographics takes you further. Imagine knowing which of those companies are still researching which problems and features, and engaging with which competitors, as renewal looms. Your message would almost certainly hit home.


Every competitor has weaknesses. Knowing which accounts are worried (as indicated by intent actions) about the specific weaknesses of their incumbent software lays out your roadmap to success.

Product Launch

Stop surging against competitors with proven solutions - identify companies that match the ICP, DON'T have a current solution, and who are taking action that indicates they're trying to solve key problems. Focus your launch there - and maybe even find your beta users.

Market Research

Tired of showing slides that talk about market share, TAM, and other best guess metrics? Get real data about relative penetration, churn rates, persona engagement, geographical and industry penetration and more.

Related Technology Disruption

Products, services and other software often tie tightly into other systems. Knowing when those core systems are in play focuses demand generation and outbound sales efforts.

What Is / What's Happening / Who's Doing It

Messaging depends on context.

Basic marketing and sales recognizes the profound differences in various scenarios. A restless customer of a mediocre competitor is different than the stable customer of a top level peer - and must be approached differently.

Marketing and sales need the context in order to interpret signals correctly, target the right accounts at the right time, and put the key message in front of the right people.

Contextual Technographic Data, or TechnoIntent, weaves signals together in a way that empowers top B2B Sales and marketing teams.


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