integrate contact-level Prospect data directly into your system

Business moves fast - so we make it easy to alert BDRs, AEs and success colleagues immediately about important signals. IntentData easily connects with various marketing automation systems and CRMs including a native integration with Salesforce. Prospect data is imported into Marketo, HubSpot and any CRM or marketing automation platform with an integrated forms function via form push.

Don't want to blow up your contact costs? No problem. Specify which types of leads are to be imported, and which will be delivered via a downloadable CSV file for further review.

Use your contact-level data to see what your contacts are actively researching and more inside your Salesforce instance. Customize and target your marketing and sales activities based on detailed context of your contacts' engagement.
Better engage those people who are most likely to buy with our Marketo integration. Prioritize outreach and customize workflows to mirror the priorities and stage in buying journey of prospects.
Give your prospects a super-personalized inbound marketing experience by providing them with the content on topics that matches their interest and urgency by moving beyond opaque "topics."


deploy contact-level data into your current marketing & Sales Process

Better engage your prospects with IntentData process integrations with platforms such as Terminus, Twitter and LinkedIn. Get more information about how to improve your targeting and reach with one of our intent data strategies or playbooks. Inside you’ll learn the best ways to integrate your data, what data you should — and shouldn’t — include in your platforms, CRMs or marketing automation systems and more.

understanding data privacy

IntentData’s data is publicly available and GDPR- & ICO-compliant. When comparing and selecting data, it’s important to consider how your data is sourced, how to use it responsibly, and potential exposure you might incur through some collection methods.

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