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The Latest Trends, Happenings & Insights About Intent Data

Nov 26, 2019

Using Intent Data To Personalize Web Content Management for ABM

Tl;dr: Dynamically personalized content for website visitors is an important element of most ABM programs. While WCMSs provide the capability to...
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Nov 22, 2019

How to Get Started With ABM Using Third Party Intent Data

To say that account based marketing (ABM) has become a “thing” in 2019 is quite an understatement. According to ITSMA, 80% of marketers who measure...
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Nov 20, 2019

Using Intent Data in Channel Sales Ecosystems

Tl;dr - Sales Channel is an important part of many go-to-market models. Strangely, though, the use of data and marketing automation that's common...
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Nov 12, 2019

Connection vs Integration in Today’s MarTech Stack

What is the purpose of your MarTech Stack? That’s a good question to ask yourself before you build one, but also before you start adding a variety...
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Nov 11, 2019

How HubSpot for Veterans Helped Launch IntentData.io

Tl;dr - As a veteran spouse owned company, we're grateful to HubSpot for it's generous support of transitioning military, veteran and spouse...
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Nov 05, 2019

What is Zero Party Data?

TL;DR - B2C expectations of data differ from B2B, but it's interesting to watch trends in the consumer space. The concept of zero party data is...
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Nov 04, 2019

CDP vs CRM Comparison: What’s the Bottom Line?

My friends in the marketing agency business know the differences between marketing automation platforms and CRMs. Generally, they break down along...
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Oct 31, 2019

Intent Data Raises Strategic Questions as it Answers Tactical Queries

TL;DR - Contact level™ intent data provides amazing and surprising insights and answers to tactical marketing and sales questions. The power of the...
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Oct 29, 2019

Using Buyer Intent Data for One-to-One Marketing

This may seem a little counter intuitive - using lists of accounts and/or contacts, and their buyer intent data, as means to enhance one-to-one...
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Oct 22, 2019

Should You Add a CDP to Your MarTech Stack?

That’s a tough question to answer if you don’t know what a CDP is. According to HubSpot, “a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a software that...
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