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Apr 29, 2021

Using Contact Level™ Intent Data to Understand the Buying Team

Tl;dr - Success in complex sales depends on your ability to understand and reach many of the approx 10.2 members of the buying team. Who are they?...
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Apr 23, 2021

Using Contact Level Intent Data for Predictive Lead Scoring

Tl;dr - Predictive lead scoring is a concept with enormous potential. The typical execution, however, relies on data so inadequate that any...
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Apr 15, 2021

What is Contact Data Unification and Why Does It Relate to Intent Data

Tl;dr - Optimizing the orchestration of intent data first requires constantly updating and maintaining integrated data from multiple sources in a...
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Apr 06, 2021

Bidstream Data Collides with Tech Regulation

Tl;dr - Bidstream data is a common form of purchase intent data. It's sold directly and embedded in various platforms. But insiders have raised...
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Mar 31, 2021

Intent Data, Customer Match & Google Ads - Is It Panic Time?

Tl;dr - David Temkin worked the digital marketing world into a dither recently with his announcement that Google Ads would cease support for 3rd...
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Mar 24, 2021

Using Intent Data Account Scoops For News and Market Triggers for ABM

Tl;dr - Marketing and sales teams need actionable insights to support their ABM work, but they need it in meaningful context for efficient and...
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Feb 18, 2021

Using Intent Data to Support the MEDDIC Sales Process

Tl;dr - Intent data should be considered in the context of your sales process. Contact level™ intent data complements a MEDDIC sales approach in some...
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Feb 11, 2021

5 Sales Enablement Plays to Effectively Orchestrate Intent Data

Tl;dr - Intent data holds amazing promise for B2B sales as well as marketing. Too often it's wasted though, by resource constrained marketing teams...
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Feb 03, 2021

How to Use Visitor Identification Technology for B2B Sales & Marketing

Tl;dr - Visitor identification software is used to understand anonymous visitors to your site, and use IP addresses to identify the accounts for...
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Jan 29, 2021

Optimizing Technographics for Marketing and Sales

Tl;dr - Many marketing teams use technographic data as part of ABM and prospect profiling and prioritization. While helpful, the data may miss...
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