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Apr 30, 2020 | Author Ed Marsh

Boston, MA - 30 April, 2020

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Chris Taylor of Cybereason Wins The Award for Excellence in Marketing Data Orchestration, Inc. today announces that Chris Taylor, Marketing Director at Cybereason, has been awarded the first quarterly “Marketing Data Master Distiller” award for excellence in marketing data orchestration.

Data has been a marketing theme for much of the last decade. Volume has grown, but often ROI is unclear. Companies are realizing that data quality, best practices, customer experience, data science, and the martech stack are all elements. Often companies expect their data to deliver in ways which it simply can’t. That’s a problem that emerging leaders are tackling in many companies.

There are visionaries in many marketing departments who see the opportunity for high-quality data, used in creative ways. They’re personally taking responsibility and showing initiative, in many cases out of personal passion and curiosity, to bring the necessary elements, dialog, processes, and rigor to marketing data. They’re innovating new ways to unify, cleanse and enrich data. They’re coaching sales colleagues on how to personalize and customize based on data insights. They’re developing amazing technology hacks and workarounds, and they’re elevating segmentation to an art form. And all this effort not only helps their companies unlock latent value in large data stores, but more importantly they’re creating amazing buyer experiences.

Because works closely with many marketing and sales operations teams we have a ringside seat - both to the frustrating shortcomings of data that hamper many companies, and to the inspirational examples of these emerging data leaders. We want to encourage, celebrate, and recognize the amazing work that’s being done - often late at night, and out of the limelight accorded more self-promotional marketing colleagues. marketing data master distiller award for excellence in intent data activation and orchestrationThat’s the goal of the newly minted “Marketing Data Master Distiller” award. The trophy and recognition will be awarded quarterly. Anyone can nominate themselves, colleagues, or industry professionals for the award. 

“Chris is a wonderful example of the amazing, often unheralded work we see done,” says Yvonne Haendel, President of, Inc. “He knew he needed to do more with data, and went and taught himself python to create the scripts he needed. And then he engaged across departments to develop amazing channel sales enablement programs with data. We’re thrilled to present the first quarterly award to someone who so perfectly exemplifies the ethos of a Master Distiller of Marketing Data!”

Award criteria include the data stack, martech stack, unification approaches, impact, use cases, and departmental collaboration and improvements in buyer experiences. Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis, online, at where interested folks will also find additional details on the unique trophy and the award criteria and process.

Congratulations Chris! Well Done!

Listen to a recent interview as Chris describes his marketing data orchestration work.

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