Know a deserving data distiller?
Nominate them!

We've always got our eye out for deserving candidates, but we know there are many we've never chatted with. So help us connect with them. You'll find some of our criteria below for background, but we welcome all nominations for the quarterly award. Please just keep in mind that we can't reply to every submission and our decision is final.



  1. NO, nominees and winners need not be customers. We welcome all data distillers, regarding of the martech and data stack components!
  2. YES, you can nominate yourself. 💪



Data Stack

How many sources do they distill? 1st? 2nd? 3rd party intent data? What unique sources do they pull in? Are they distilling at contact and account level? Is there active enrichment?


Martech Stack

What platforms are they integrating? (e.g. CRM, marketing automation, ABM.) Are they using a CDP (customer data platform) for unification and orchestration?



How are they pulling all the data together, unifying, cleaning, enriching and creating a single customer view? What creative work have they done to overcome disparate data silos?


Use Cases

Master distillers of marketing data approach the data as a means, not an end. They support colleagues in marketing, sales and success to apply the data to multiple use cases from retargeting and ABM through churn reduction.


Buyer Experience

Data should be used to improve prospect, buyer and customer experiences. Never to manipulate. Nominees should use data to personalize experiences and insights to improve the user experience.



Marketing data has to make a measurable impact, and master distillers are always measuring. How does the data impact pipeline? revenue? retention? closing %? sales channel results? and other key factors?

Know a deserving data distiller? Nominate them today!