Blog Unveils a Comprehensive ‘How To’ Guide To Buying And Activating Purchase Intent Data

Jul 17, 2019 | Author Alex Della Rocca

“The Intent Data Blueprint”, by Provides Marketing and Sales Executives with an Overview of Technical Solutions, Implementation Considerations and Use Cases

Boston, 18 July, 2019, Inc. today announces the inaugural publication of “The Intent Data Blueprint,” a comprehensive proprietary guide to buying and using purchase intent data technology.

The guide’s key audiences include business leaders looking for an edge, demand generation and digital marketers trying to select the right tool, and professionals that have learned from past experience that fancy names and bold claims are not the principal building blocks for Martech success.

Intent data is getting more attention and corresponding investment. This shift in mindset and action creates a challenge for marketing teams who must compare vendors and data models, and balance considerations regarding data accuracy, breadth of reach, detail provided and privacy exposure. The intent data space is lacking a consolidated, educational and operational overview of options.’s new “Intent Data Blueprint” provides company executives with a comprehensive framework to evaluate data for use cases across the customer lifecycle including marketing, sales and success.

“More and more marketing budgets include funds for intent data,” says Ed Marsh, CRO of, Inc. “But because of opaque claims and inconsistent definitions, there’s often confusion around what’s actually being delivered, how to apply it to a company’s growth plan, and how different solutions fit for different requirements. We’re pleased to take a leading role in helping companies make informed decisions and select the best intent data solution for their needs.”

Buying teams often face two main challenges in considering intent data:

  • Matching the right intent data technology solution to their growth goals
    • Enrichment, predictive intent tools, databases, 2nd party intent solutions, and deanonymizers make overlapping claims. Each has certain characteristics which impact the suitability for various use cases
  • Failing to plan fully for data activation and orchestration
    • Data does not drive results itself. Informed procurement decisions anticipate the requirements, and’s publication guides teams through the steps and resources which will be required to unlock the value of their investment

Use cases for intent data include Account-Based Marketing (ABM), demand generation, strategic sales, event marketing, remarketing, competitive intelligence, churn reduction, and cross & upsell. Requirements differ by application, marketing tactics, sales methodologies and growth goals, and understanding differences in data sources is critical to selecting the best intent data technology for each use case.

The Intent Data Blueprint clarifies ambiguity that often arises due to the lack of commonly accepted definitions. Account level intent vs. contact intent data is explained. Granular data that’s aggregated by custom-built algorithms is illustrated in contrast to opaque “topic” level data that are prevalent among 3rd party data providers. 

The guide also dives into what companies can expect during implementation and the demands that intent data use will typically make of marketing and sales teams. Too often companies buy data based on buzz without understanding the work that will be required to extract the potential value.

Yvonne Haendel, president of, Inc. adds “Our commitment is to push the intent & revenue dots incredibly close together for the market. For many companies, our data is the right tool to do that. For all companies, though, a thorough understanding of the market options is the most valuable insight we can provide initially, and we’ve incorporated years of carefully accumulated insights and lessons learned in this first-of-a-kind intent data buying guide.”

An ungated, interactive guide is available at and visitors can elect to download a PDF version as well.

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About, Inc. is a woman-owned marketing technology firm that provides third-party intent data to enhance clients' demand generation and support account-based marketing (ABM). Through a suite of intent data and activation services, closely aligns companies' sales and marketing departments, by offering tailored intelligence pertinent to both. Specifically, provides individual level contact details and granular context, based on competitor and industry engagement.

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