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What is Contact level intent Data?

No more spraying and praying. We deliver data on interactions — directly observed indicators of buyer intent from contacts — not accounts. This allows you to target actual humans with what they need when they need it. Simply put, you get real, active, valuable leads.

Best uses for intent data

Demand Gen Icon

Demand Gen

You spend so much time, energy and money on demand gen. Are you reaching the right audience? Do you know if your efforts are working? Now you'll know who's searching for your key terms and if your efforts are successful.

ABM Target Accounts Icon

ABM/target accounts

Infuse your brand awareness efforts with actual behavioral and buyer intent data. It's like sitting around their conference table!

Event Marketing Icon

Event Marketing

No more wasting money on poor event performance. Ensure strong event attendance from interested, engaged attendees.

Strategic Sales Icon

Complex/strategic sales

Give yourself a seat at the board table by learning who on the buying team is exploring news, influencers and competitors.

Loyalty & Churn Icon

loyalty & churn

As subscription service renewal approaches, wouldn't it be helpful to know if your customer is comparing alternatives? Or if a long-standing capital equipment customer might be ready to jump? Content-level intent data can help you reduce churn.

Competitor Tracking Icon

Competitor tracking

Get a clearer picture of what your competitors are doing and who is considering partnering with them using content-level intent data.

Custom Audience Icon

Custom audience nurturing

Facebook Custom Audiences can be a powerful tool, but it only provides best guesses based on Likes. Stop guessing and start creating and nurturing custom audiences based on known activity across the web.

Deal Intelligence Icon

deal intelligence

Build better relationships and improve real-time conversations with your prospects with contact-level intent data. Instead of guessing about what your potential customers are looking for, you’ll be able to move them through the sales funnel quicker with intent data.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational Marketing

In complex sales, it's not enough to know where your champion stands. Learn who on the buying team is exploring news, influencers and competitors as the deal progresses.

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