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Contact the right people at the right time.

Contact levelTM intent data
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Go Beyond Account-Level Data

And Get Real, Active, Valuable Leads

Other third-party buyer intent data sources provide intent data only at the account level and then guess at contact identities. That can leave you targeting the wrong people at the wrong time. We go beyond account-level intent data to deliver contact-level intent data — thousands of the safest, cleanest buyer intent signals — to help you meet your sales goals.

intent Data for Marketing & Sales Success

You need more leads, shorter sales cycles and higher close rates. Contact-level intent data delivers. Get intent data leads for real people who are actively engaged and demonstrating intent researching products or services like yours. Grow your prospect list.

get the most out of intent Data

There’s more to using intent data than simply getting and contacting sales leads. Successful companies activate their data with marketing and sales use cases - and they orchestrate an integrated data strategy for demand gen, account-based marketing (ABM) churn reduction and more. As the leaders in contact-level intent data, we’ve got you covered. Access some of our best strategies below.

Get out of the black box of traditional intent data

Where does the data come from? How is it collected? Is it safe to use? You deserve these answers. Other buyer intent data sources come from anonymous IPs, ads, apps and publishing networks. As a result, the intent data they sell you is only at the account level and might conflict with other terms of service.
We’re different. We use better technology to mine the open web and cut through the noise to deliver thousands of the safest, cleanest and most specific buyer intent signals to help meet your marketing and sales goals.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems & Process

Our technology integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack and business processes.

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