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Sep 05, 2019 | Author Alex Della Rocca

Boston, 9 September, 2019

Published release:, Inc., a marketing technology firm that provides third-party intent data to enhance clients' demand generation and support account-based marketing (ABM), today announces their sponsorship of the 2019 Competitive Marketing Summit. The three-day conference by product marketers for product marketers, is scheduled for October 7 - 9, 2019 in Golden, CO and helps product professionals to understand how to best find and use competitive intelligence data in their marketing and business roles.

As a premier sponsor of the rapidly-growing event, is sponsoring conference breakfast for attendees. The session will run from 7 - 7:45am MST and is included in the registration fee for the event’s general sessions.’s company premise is aligned with the Competitive Marketing Summit’s focus on a product marketing and management-centric view of competitive intelligence. As a result, selected to sponsor the event and looks to communicate the company’s service offering to attendees. Contact level intent data can help marketers understand who’s engaging with competitors, by seniority, function, and stage in buying journey.

“Mediocre intent data has conditioned people to think of it as a simple prospecting tool. We’re excited to share strategies, tactics, case studies and anecdotes of the power of contact intent data as a powerful tool in the competitive and complex sales toolkits of rapid growth SaaS and tech companies.” Yvonne Haendel, President of, Inc.

Most “intent data” is actually just observation of some form of anonymous activity which can only be associated with an account. Reverse lookups against IP “surges,” information from publishing networks, and even high volumes of low reliability ad exchange data constitute most results.

Whether that data has names appended with arbitrarily selected contact details of ideal buyer personas which are sourced elsewhere or not, it’s simply too vague, unreliable and distant to be effective as a sales and marketing intelligence tool. data is more actionable. It’s contact level™ intent data is gathered from publicly-available information across the unstructured internet, and provides the actual contact information (name, email, main phone, job title, company, URL, city, state, country, firmagraphics, and critical context) for the actual person taking action. Additionally, the data identifies the competitor or topic with which the action is taken.

This competitive marketing and sales intelligence is invaluable for Saas and technology companies and enables creative marketing approaches, enhanced account-based marketing (ABM) effectiveness, and critical deal-level sales intelligence. This results in a 50% higher close rate and 82% reduction in sell cycle in controlled comparisons.

“We’re thrilled to have, Inc. join us as a Premier Sponsor of our second annual event. This is exactly the kind of cutting-edge technology and innovative application our attendees are coming to rely on us for. Our attendees will undoubtedly be as excited to take a deep dive into as we are to have them join us.” Ben Scheerer, a founder of the Competitive Marketing Summit

Interested attendees can also save $200 off the event registration fee using discount code “INTENTDATA.IO-VIP” when registering at

Whether attending The Competitive Marketing Summit or not, demand generation and technology marketers can learn more about contact level intent data by visiting and downloading the free, “The Intent Data Blueprint” at:

About The Competitive Marketing Summit

The 2019 Competitive Marketing Summit is the #1 competitive intelligence conference for product marketers dedicated to the high-tech industry. Competitive Marketing is the acquisition and assimilation of competitive intelligence into the marketing, sales, and business functions to better position and differentiate your company, products, and services.

About, Inc. is a woman-owned marketing technology firm that provides third-party intent data to enhance clients' demand generation and support account-based marketing (ABM). Through a suite of intent data and activation services, closely aligns companies' sales and marketing departments, by offering tailored intelligence pertinent to both. Specifically, provides individual level contact details and granular context, based on competitor and industry engagement.

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