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Nov 05, 2019 | Author Ed Marsh

Boston, 5 November, 2019

Published release:, Inc., a marketing technology firm that provides third-party intent data to enhance clients' demand generation and support account-based marketing (ABM), today announces the development of an AI-powered intent data algorithm engine. This puts the power of nuanced, granular intent data from a bespoke algorithm in the hands of marketers and sales teams with very little effort and a short lead-time.

As more marketers turn to intent data they have faced a choice between better data from a robust algorithm, or faster launch via topic selection and other methods. IntentData’s new system delivers both simultaneously. That means rapid implementation, short runway to ROI, and quick wins. Those benefits come without compromise on the detailed data which is still harvested using a robust, custom algorithm.’s contact level™ intent data includes actionable signals with contact details including name, email and job title, firmographic information and detailed, contextual information on the nature of the intent signal. Together these provide the detail necessary to execute programmatic personalization at scale in account-based marketing and demand generation applications.

“Marketers and sales teams are too busy to waste time on unnecessary tasks. But unlocking the power of intent data means they need the detail and nuance that only contact level data from a custom algorithm delivers. We’re so excited to solve for both.” said Yvonne Haendel, President and Chief Customer Officer of, Inc.

The algorithm, which is customized for each client, incorporates elements including customers, target accounts, competitors, key terms spanning the buying journey, industry events and thought leaders. The AI-powered algorithm creation builds a robust set of recommended criteria which marketers can then quickly tweak and personalize.

“Fully operationalizing intent data requires quickly building the right algorithm to deliver the right data, rich in detail for quick wins. We’re always looking for creative ways to improve our process and customer experience to help them start faster, win more, and extract more value from their intent data.” John McTigue, Chief Data Scientist

Companies can typically start to receive their data within a week of providing some basic information. That shortens the time to launch, the marketing resources required and the cost. offers special pilot project pricing for companies that are interested in adding contact level intent data to their Martech stack.

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About, Inc. is a female-owned marketing technology firm that provides third-party intent data to enhance clients' demand generation and support account-based marketing (ABM). Through a suite of intent data and activation services, closely aligns companies' sales and marketing departments, by offering tailored intelligence pertinent to both. Specifically, provides individual level contact details and granular context, based on competitor and industry engagement.

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