How HubSpot for Veterans Helped Launch

Nov 11, 2019 | Author Yvonne Haendel

Tl;dr - As a veteran spouse owned company, we're grateful to HubSpot for it's generous support of transitioning military, veteran and spouse entrepreneurship. We've benefited from that support at, Inc. and would love to see broader engagement of the military community among the marketing technology community.

An Underserved Community

Let's play a word association game.

When you think about the MarTech space and the communities you commonly associate with it, where do military veterans fit in? And how about their spouses?

That's kind of what I expected. Not super high on that list, if they happen to be there at all.

Of course that's a generalization, and veterans, military spouses and veteran spouses are woven into the fabric of many communities. But why are they less frequently identified as a group of interest in the marketing and software space?

A Veteran Spouse Owned Company

At we focus on helping clients leverage the power of contact level intent data and apply innovative data practices across their revenue growth channels. We don't spend much time talking about who we are - we know that the outcomes we help clients achieve count for far more than any labels. Veterans' Day seems like an appropriate time to highlight a couple.

I am the founder, owner and Chief Customer Officer of, Inc. I am also an immigrant (I grew up between Germany and South Africa), a veteran spouse, and a blue star mom - three times over. In fact, two of my sons are still serving. Needless to say, Veterans' Day has a particular significance to me.

Kudos to HubSpot

HubSpot is one company in the MarTech space that has some specific awareness and programs for transitioning military, veterans and spouses. The HubSpot for Vets program offers incubator / start-up training and resources to new businesses owned by people in those categories. And they generously offer very substantial discounts to their standard software pricing to help young companies leverage the power of digital marketing and great software, but at a price that's easier for start-ups to manage., Inc. is proud to be a HubSpot for Vets supported business, and grateful to HubSpot for it's support of the veteran and spouse communities.

Other MarTech Companies with Veteran and Spouse Initiatives?

I'd love to know of other companies and programs with initiatives to empower military, veteran and spouse owned business entrepreneurship and growth. If you know of a business in the marketing technology space with a specific program to help these groups, please share it with us via Twitter. We'd love to help spread the word, and even facilitate connections in the emerging MarTech software hubs around the country.

A Specific Boston Area Opportunity

Want to learn more about HubSpot for Veterans or Our CRO, Ed Marsh, is an Army vet and will be attending HubSpot's "Veterans in the Workplace: Allyship & Appreciation" in Cambridge on 13 November. Register here to attend, network with other veterans, and hear from Armand Hunter, Associate Director of Veteran and Family Outreach at Home Base and Francisco Urena, Secretary of Veterans' Services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


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