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IntentData.io and BlueVenn create a unique B2B Customer Data Platform offering to activate intent data strategies

Jan 28, 2020 | Author Ed Marsh

Bristol, UK and Boston,US - 28 January, 2020

Published release

BlueVenn, creator of a leading, multi award-winning Customer Data Platform (CDP), has today announced a strategic partnership with IntentData.io, Inc

The partnership will provide B2B organizations across the US with a solution that combines an entire marketing data stack, including first, second and third-party intent data, to orchestrate effective account-based marketing (ABM) strategies.

IntentData.io provides contact-level™ intent data, which is collected from across the entire web with a proprietary process that uses no third-party cookies. The detailed insights support multiple marketing, sales and success use cases, from demand generation, through target account sales to churn reduction.

Now BlueVenn’s CDP, with assimilated marketing automation and analytics, can integrate this contact-level intent data with a customer’s first-party data to empower marketing and sales teams with a deeper understanding of who best to target with their products and services. The combined solution offers insights into the stage that a prospect is at in the customer’s buying journey, while also providing new acquisition targets that were previously unknown. BlueVenn’s Engage module will then orchestrate engagement across the client’s entire marketing and sales technology stack.

Speaking about the partnership, Ben Knight, President of BlueVenn US, said, “This is an exciting and unique partnership that will deliver huge value to B2B organisations looking to undertake an effective ABM approach to their outbound and inbound marketing.

“Organizations attempting to leverage other intent data offerings have found it difficult to activate the insights they’ve gained across their inbound and outbound channels. IntentData.io provides unparalleled insights that go way beyond the usual intent data offerings to provide contact level intent, rather than account level intent. This makes their product ideal for CDP integration, adding another layer of accuracy to the elusive Single Customer View.”

IntentData.io’s contact level data provides the most contextually detailed third-party intent insights available. BlueVenn, meanwhile, was included as one of 12 top B2B CDP vendors in the inaugural 2019 Forrester B2B CDP Wave and rated as “differentiated” for both its unified customer profiles and its CDP market approach. As such, this is a partnership that will assist B2B companies looking to get ahead of the competition.

Yvonne Haendel, Chief Customer Officer at IntentData.io, said, “We see huge potential in working with a genuine CDP, and chose BlueVenn in particular for their ability to integrate and unify a complete data stack and to orchestrate, all in one solution. We are passionate about our data and the depth of insights our customers get from our products, but we also ensure that we have close working relationships to ensure that the data is used optimally.

“We have experience working with a huge breadth of marketing automation technologies and see BlueVenn as a solution to ensure customers can generate huge uplifts in ROI through intent data, rather than scratching their heads about how to unlock its value.”

On March 25, 2020, BlueVenn and IntentData.io will celebrate their new partnership with a webinar entitled “Best Practice: Using Intent Data to Identify, Personalize and Orchestrate”. To register, and learn more about the partnership and the new joint offering, visit: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/14247/382967.

About IntentData.io

IntentData.io, Inc. is a woman-owned marketing technology firm that provides third-party intent data to enhance clients' demand generation and support account-based marketing (ABM). Through a suite of intent data and activation services, IntentData.io closely aligns companies' sales and marketing departments, by offering tailored intelligence pertinent to both. Specifically, IntentData.io provides individual level contact details and granular context, based on competitor and industry engagement. Visit us at IntentData.io. and connect with us on twitter.com/IntentData_io, linkedin.com/company/intentdataio, facebook.com/IntentData.io and instagram.com/intentdata.io/

About BlueVenn

BlueVenn provides marketers with all the analytics, predictive insight and omnichannel marketing automation capabilities they need. Powered by its Customer Data Platform, it works to create a real-time Single Customer View of every customer touchpoint, to help businesses utilize advanced segmentation, analytics and personalization to improve the customer experience and achieve acquisition and retention KPIs. More than 400 brands around the world use BlueVenn's omnichannel marketing and Customer Data Platform solutions and BlueVenn has five offices, located across the US, UK and France.

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