Can you deliver opted-in leads?

Activating intent data with integrated opted-in leads

Contact level™ intent data powers a number of use cases across the entire customer lifecycle. Many of these are in marketing.

Some companies prefer, however, to have us activate the data on their behalf.

We offer various programs for this including the focused application of intent data for:

  • content syndication
  • opted in leads
  • BANT qualified leads
  • scheduled appointments
  • meetings held

In many cases we coach companies on using the data for use cases beyond demand generation (retargeting, event marketing, competitive intelligence, sales intelligence, account-based marketing, target account sales, churn reduction, and up-sell/cross-sell) in addition to activating the data for lead generation on their behalf.

This relieves them of the marketing operations and sales operations challenges of activating the intent data to generate opted-in leads, but helps them capture the value across other use cases.