How to integrate with HubSpot

Automatically feeding leads into CRM and Marketing Automation is an important step in activation - here's how to set it up for HubSpot

The integration allows some, or all, leads to be pushed immediately into HubSpot. This doesn't require API calls. It's managed through a form push. This simple integration also means that there's no IT involvement necessary.

Create the fields and form in HubSpot

To get started make sure you create the appropriate "properties" (see what's suggested here) in HubSpot and then create a form with those fields. As you create the form we suggest:

  1. disable cookie tracking (on by default)
  2. disable "pre-populate with known values"
  3. create a hidden field to set a lead source so that you can ensure you have closed-loop reporting to compare CPL and CAC for your intent data leads.

Test the functionality

With the form created please email and provide a link to that form. We'll map the fields and import a test record. Then we'll check with you to make sure it was properly imported.

Once you've confirmed successful import then we'll enable it for leads thereafter.

NOTE: Keep in mind that HubSpot and other systems have a carrying cost associated with the number of contacts. Depending on your industry and algorithm details you could be receiving thousands of leads/week. If you'd like to import a subset (perhaps those that meet a certain limited set of criteria) we can support that. You'll find more information on that here.

Existing contact update

HubSpot uses the contact email address as the unique field to check for matches. If the address already exists in your HubSpot database then the import will only update fields and not create a new record. In most cases, HubSpot lists and workflows will offer an option to consider earlier property values as well, so an overwritten intent data related property will not delete the history of previous values.

Triggers & Activity Log

The form submission creates the typical HubSpot logging activities including form submission and field entries. These can be used to trigger workflows, and update lead scoring as outlined here.