Contact details reflect an outdated company

Sometimes the title, company and contact details reflect a previous employer/job

In some cases, the company (and related firmographic information and company specific details) as well as the job title and email address shown for a lead will be outdated. You may find that they're now in a new role and/or with a new company. We're consistently working to improve our algorithm, but this does occur in some cases.

HOWEVER, here's the important news - the named contact took the action which we've reported.

This is important to understand because it means there's likely a valid intent signal - perhaps even a more valuable one. This action has been taken by this person in their current role (even if that's more recent than the information we've reported.)

Often when people change jobs that's a catalyst for them to undertake new initiatives in their new role - and so rather than discarding leads where the information doesn't match, it's worth particularly close attention because intent combined with incentive/opportunity in a new role is particularly important.

We recommend checking their LinkedIn profile (we'll always provide that) if you're unsure whether the intent was demonstrated on behalf of another employer.